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The Cast

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Rebecca Caldwell










Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, IMDB
Agent: RGM Artists

Bec is also the writer and producer of this film and co-host of Popcorn TV. In 2015 she completed several short films and features as well as commercials and corporate videos.

Chloe Brown










Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, IMDB
Agent: Artist Management Australia

Chloe is an actress and dancer and comes from a broadcasting pedigree. Chloe has starred in too many shorts and features to count, and is Bec’s co-host on Popcorn TV.

Alan Malcolm










Agent: Actors Management International

Alan has enjoyed a long career spanning several countries as an actor, musician and playwright. He has appeared in more than 150 productions and is now only accepting cameo roles in productions he believes in (Aren’t we lucky!).

Laurance Miyoshiro

A computer science whiz and talented musician, this is Laurance’s first main speaking role in a film.


Kyle Sargon










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Our wonderful extras:









Matt Mitchell, Kelly Clarke, Amri Mrisho
Alex Hainsworth, Hayley Giles, David Owen


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