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Welcome to the world of Sam and Phoebe. Where a fair shake can only get you so far, and a bit of lateral thinking, if not downright criminal behaviour can let you make ends meet.

We all have a mate like Sam or Phoebe. Always getting by, you don’t really know what they do for a living, but are always living it up! Great people with hearts of gold – they are the essential Aussie, always up for a drink, a laugh and a cry. Until one of them goes to jail.

“A Girl’s Best Friend” is a tale of two best friends, separated by the legal system after a misadventure. One year on, they are reunited but can they get along now that so much has changed? And has it changed that much?

This 10 minute comedy will explore female relationships as never before – in real life! No flower arranging or breakfast catch ups; these ladies are living with the consequences of their actions and getting on with life, until one of them stuffs up. The style is a cross between Broad City and Cougar Town with a touch of bogan; a la Kath and Kim.

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