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Published on February 8th, 2016 | by Bec

That’s a wrap!

After a bit of a gap in production (Location availability) we’ve finally wrapped the shoot! It’s been a great journey, and no one killed each other.

Some notable moments:

  • Me, freaking out about one of our props; a $7,700 watch
  • Me, freaking out about locations
  • Me, freaking out about the budget
  • Me, forgetting the HD on day two and sneaking off set to go get it
  • Stuart screeching John’s name when there was a lighting change
  • Talen’s general disdain for the FS7
  • Lunch (Leanne and Tanya, you champions!)
  • The police uniform (groan)
  • A last minute recast
  • Kyle, standing in the penthouse and murmuring “Yes, I feel at home here”
  • Chloe, coming to terms with a certain scene (no spoilers)

We’re in post production now, so hopefully it all runs smoothly and you’ll be seeing our work at a festival near you!

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